Ski + Boot Depot

Where should you put your skis or board at the end of the day and what should you do with cold, wet ski boots?

You can keep your ski equipment at Ski-Auffach – directly next to the gondola lift. Your skis and boots are dried and heated overnight and the next morning your slip into warm ski boots.
(ACHTUNG: Nur begrenzte Plätze verfügbar!)

Don’t give ski thieves a chance!

Depot Prices 2019/20

  per day
Ski / Board and boots 3,-
Ski or Board 2,-
Ski or Board boots 2,-

SKI AUFFACH, Sport Mühlegger  •  Dorf, Auffach 6  •  A-6313 Wildschönau  •  Mobil: +43 (0)664 1218799  •  Tel.: +43 (0)5339 21703  •